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Spring 2015
“One Nation Under God”
Paper by: Isaac Kramnick, Cornell
When: February 6th
“Amendment Politics and Legislative Agenda Setting: A Theory with Evidence from the U.S. House of Representatives”
Paper by: Dan Magleby (Binghamton University)
When: February 20th
“Between Ownership and Efficiency: The Arab Security Sector and Inter-Communal Relations”
Paper by: Oren Barak (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
When: February 27th
“Explaining Ethnic Change in the Modern World”
Paper by: Elliott Green (LSE)
When: March 6th
“Independent in America: Why Americans Are Ashamed to be Partisans and Why It Matters”
Paper by: Yanna Krupnikov (Stony Brook University)
When: March 13th
“Why Men Rebel: Examining the Spread of Rebel Movements”
Paper by: Silvana Toska (Cornell)
When: March 20th
“Deliver the Vote! Micromotives and Macrobehavior in Electoral Fraud”
Paper by: Milan Svolik (Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
When: April 10th
Paper by: David Samuels (Minnesota)
When: April 24th
Paper by: Steve Brooks and Deborah Jordan Brooks (Dartmouth)
When: May 1st
Fall 2014
“Fail-Safe Federalism”
Paper by: Sandy Gordon, New York University
Discussant: Delphia Shanks-Booth
When: September 19th
“Everything to Everyone: The Electoral Consequences of the Broad-Appeal Strategy in Europe”
Paper by: Zeynep Somer-Topcu, Vanderbilt University (Joint w/CIES)
Discussant: Steffen Blings
When: September 26th
“A Convention Theory of Global Constitutionalism”
Paper by: Erik Voeten, Georgetown University
Discussant: Sarah Maxey
When: October 3rd
“Public and Private Authority in Global Governance”
Paper by: David Lake, UC San Diego (Joint w/Peace Studies)
Discussant: Martijn Mos
When: October 10th
“Inequality, ethnic diversity and the challenge of class politics”
Paper by: John Huber, Columbia University
Discussant: David De Micheli
When: October 17th
“‘They should build us a school too’: The Local Politics of Primary School Delivery in Rural Senegal”
Paper by: Martha Wilfahrt, Cornell Govt Dept
When: October 24th
“The Political Economy of Aid Allocation in Africa: Evidence from Zambia”
Paper by: Takaaki Masaki, Cornell Govt Dept
When: October 31st
“Coalition Building and the Structuration of Military Networks as Actors of Security Governance”
Paper by: Amélie Forget, Cornell Govt Dept
When: November 7th
“Fighting for Medicaid, resisting the state, engaging politics”
Paper by: Jamila Michener, Cornell Govt Dept
When: November 14th
“The non-delegation doctrine and the legislative predicates of political accountability”
Paper by: Jed Stiglitz, Cornell Law
When: November 21st
Paper by: Jeff Green, University of Pennsylvania
When: December 5th
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