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Spring 2014
“The Strategic Logic of the Radical Flank Effect: Theorizing Power in Divided Social Movements”
Paper by: Devashree Gupta, Carleton College
When: February 7th
“When is Representation Democratic? Analyzing the “Constituent Effects” of Public Policy.”
Paper by: Lisa Disch, University of Michigan
When: February 14th
“The Geography of Governance: Evidence from Slums and Satellites”
Paper by: Erik Wibbels, Duke University
When: February 21st
“To Conquer Land or People: The Peculiar Pattern of American Annexationism”
Paper by: Rich Maass, Cornell University
When: February 28th
“Support for Torture: Experimental Evidence from the Mexican War on Drugs”
Paper by: Javier Osorio, Cornell University
When: March 7th
“Business Preferences and the Eurozone Crisis: Evidence from Spain.”
Paper by: Alex Kuo, Cornell University
When: March 21st
“American Hegemony and Global Capital Flows”
Paper by: Thomas Oatley, UNC-Chapel Hill
When: April 11th
“Telling the Truth about Believing the Lies? The meaning of Responses to Political Rumor Questions”
Paper by: Adam Berinsky
When: April 18th, MIT
Special Time—2:00pm
Fall 2013
We have a very exciting group of scholars presenting at the PSAC speaker series this fall. As in previous years, PSAC will take place on Fridays from 12:10 to 1:30pm in 106 White Hall. Lunch will be available prior to the talk.
“The Tea Party and Reactionary Politics in America”
Paper by: Chris Parker, University of Washington
When: Friday, September 20th
“Electoral Manipulation as Bureaucratic Control”
Paper by: Scott Gehlbach, University of Wisconsin-Madison
When: Friday, October 4th
“Inequality in the Worst of Times: Recessions and Public Concern for Income Inequality in Europe and the United States”
Paper by: Jason Hecht, Cornell University
When: Friday, October 18th
“Ideological Moderates Won’t Run for Office: How Party Fit Matters for Partisan Polarization in Congress”
Paper by: Danielle Thomsen, Cornell University
When: Friday, October 25th
“Can employment programs reduce crime and rebellion? A field experiment with high-risk youth in Liberia.”
Paper by: Chris Blattman, Columbia University
When: Friday, November 8th
“We’re Free, but not Free:” Custodial Citizenship in an Era of Incarceration.”
Paper by: Vesla Weaver, Yale University
When: Friday, November 15th
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