Politics, Sandwiches, and Comments



Spring 2016
“Complex Interactions: Candidate Race, Electoral Institutions and Voter Choice”
Paper by: Shana Gadarian (Syracuse University)
When: February 5th
“Media coverage and the short-term dynamics of candidate popularity”
Paper by: Mona Krewel (Cornell/University of Mannheim)
When: February 19th
“Citizen Trust and Compliance in Weak States: Coproduction During the 2014-2015 Ebola Crisis in Liberia”
Paper by: Lily Tsai (MIT)
When: February 26th
“Evolution of Conflict in the Courts of Appeals”
Paper by: Deborah Beim (Yale)
When: March 4th
“Shared Territory, Regime Alignment, and Ethnic Cleansing”
Paper by: Bethany Lacina (University of Rochester)
When: March 11th
“Inward Conquest: The Revolution in the Art of Government that Shaped the Modern World”
Paper by: Ben Ansell (Oxford University (joint w/CIES)
When: March 18th
“Who Wants What? Redistribution Preferences in Comparative Perspective”
Paper by: David Rueda (Oxford / Yale University)
When: March 22nd
(joint w/CIES, note day change)
“The Aura of Empire: Capital Inflow, Institutional Change, and the 2008 Crisis”
Paper by: Shiping Tang (Fudan University)
When: April 8th
“The Death and Life of the Urban Commonwealth: Social Rights and Slum Clearance”
Paper by: Margaret Kohn (University of Toronto)
When: April 22nd
“Political Legacies”
Paper by: Yotam Margalit (Tel Aviv University)
When: April 27th
(note day change)
“Bombing the Way to State-Building? Lessons from the Vietnam War”
Paper by: Melissa Dell (Harvard University (Econ))
When: May 6th
(joint w/Cornell Development Economics)
Fall 2015
“Law in Hiding: Market Principles in the Global Legal Order”
Paper by: Odette Lienau (Cornell)
When: September 11th
“Electoral Cycle Fluctuations in Partisanship: Global Evidence from 86 Countries”
Paper by: Kristin Michelitch (Vanderbilt)
When: September 18th
“Social Origins of Dictatorships: Elite Networks and Political Transitions in Haiti”
Paper by: Suresh Naidu (Columbia; joint with Development Economics)
When: September 25th
“Layers of Subordination: Intersectional Approaches to Representation and Inequality”
Paper by: Triveni Ghandi (Cornell; practice job talk)
When: October 2nd
"Can Information Endure? Knowledge, Perception, and Opinion in High- and Low-Salience Policy Domains”
Paper by: Michael Miller (Barnard/Columbia)
When: October 16th
“Democracy Declined: The Development and Consequences of the U.S. Political Economy of Credit”
Paper by: Mallory SoRelle (Cornell; practice job talk)
When: October 23rd
“Why Democracy Deepens? Political Information and Decentralization in India”
Paper by: Anoop Sadanandan (Syracuse)
When: October 30th
“Conditionality and Coercion: Strategies of Clientelistic Mobilization in Postcommunist Eastern Europe”
Paper by: Isabela Mares (Columbia; joint with the Cornell Institute for European Studies)
When: November 6th
“Insecure Majorities: Congress & the Perpetual Campaign”
Paper by: Frances Lee (Maryland)
When: November 13th
“Populism, Voter Ignorance, and the Paranoid Style of American Politics”
Paper by: Samuel DeCanio (Yale)
When: November 20th
Paper by: Allison Carnegie (Columbia)
When: December 4th
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