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Special Events


Fall 2013
The Cornell Political Theory Workshop
Where: Most sessions will be held at 4:45pm in A.D. White House Room 201. Please contact Nolan Bennett for more information or to be added to the listserv list.
Cosponsored by Latino Studies, American Studies, and the Society for the Humanities.
“Stealth Revolution: Legal Tweaks, Best Practices and the Economization of Politics.”
Who: Wendy Brown (University of California, Berkeley)
When: September 12th
Room Change: Due to the demonstrated interest in our first meeting, the Cornell Political Theory Workshop will have its first event in White Hall 106 for the presentation by Wendy Brown.
“Anti-Imperial Idioms: Norman Mailer As Political Theorist”
Who: George Shulman (New York University)
When: October 3rd
“Undocumented, Unafraid, and Unapologetic: DREAM Activists, Immigrant Politics, and the Queering of Democracy”
Who: Cristina Beltrán (New York University)
When: October 17th
“’The Conspiracy of Imbeciles,' Reloaded: Baudrillard and the DSK Affair”
Who: Diane Rubenstein (Cornell University)
When: November 14th
“Manors and Markets: Labor and Value in Burke”
Who: Corey Robin (Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center)
When: December 5th
Spring 2014
“Towards a Political Theory of Crimes against Humanity”
Who: Sinja Graf (Cornell University)
When: February 6th
“Enclosing the Subject”
Who: Jodi Dean (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)
When: February 20th
“The Lion and the Lamb? Booker T. Washington’s Intellectual Debt to Frederick Douglass”
Who: Desmond Jagmohan (Cornell University)
When: March 6th
“Liberty and the Right to Strike”
Who: Alex Gourevitch (Brown University)
When: March 20th
“Decolonizing Western Political Philosophy”
Who: Charles W. Mills (Northwestern University)
When: April 24th
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