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Allen Carlson

Carlson Office: 310 White Hall Tel: (607) 254-6022 arc26@cornell.edu Curriculum Vitae

Allen Carlson is an Associate Professor in Cornell University’s Government Department. His work mainly focuses on issues related to Chinese politics and foreign policy and Asian security. In 2005 his Unifying China, Integrating with the World: Securing Chinese Sovereignty in the Reform Era was published by Stanford University Press. He has also written in the Journal of Contemporary China, Pacific Affairs, Asia Policy, Nations and Nationalism and The China Quarterly (forthcoming). His most recent books are the co-edited Contemporary Chinese Politics: New Sources, Methods and Field Strategies (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and New Frontiers in China’s Foreign Relations (Lexington, 2011). In 2014 Carlson was the Class of 1955 Visiting Professor of International Studies at Williams College, and he was named a recipient of an East Asia Institute Fellowship. Professor Carlson is currently developing a research project that examines the emerging role of transnational public intellectuals in shaping debates within China about the country’s rise and its implications for the international system.

Courses Taught
Govt 606 International Relations Field Seminar
Govt 282 China and the World
Govt 482/682 National Unification and International Integration - China Faces the Future
Govt 487/687 Asian Security
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