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Our doctoral students are trained in all the main fields of the discipline and have extensive research and teaching experience.

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Our graduates have gone on to outstanding careers in higher education, public service, and the private sector. Again this year, we are proud to have outstanding students on the job market. Brief sketches of our placement candidates are available below. We also include their contact information. Some students maintain their own page with more detailed information regarding their preparation and strengths.

If you have questions about graduate student placement, please contact the Graduate Field Assistant, Tina Slater or the Director of Graduate Placement, Ron Herring. If you have any questions about our Ph.D. program in general, contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Sarah Kreps.

Students Seeking Jobs
Nolan Bennett
American Political Thought, Democratic Theory, Politics and Literature
Web Page
Steffen Blings
Political Parties and Social Movements, Comparative Political Behavior, Public Opinion & Representation, Politics of Advanced Industrial Countries, European Integration
Web Page
Christopher Cairns
Chinese politics, media under authoritarianism, Internet and social media, nationalism, environmental politics
Web Page
Aileen Cardona-Arroyo
American Politics, Political Behavior, Race and Ethnicity, Latino/a Politics, Immigration
Web Page
Audrey Comstock
International Law and Organization, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, International Cooperation
Web Page
Simon Cotton
Normative Political Theory (particularly global justice, ethics in economic life, distributive justice & democratic theory); History of Political Thought; Theories of International Relations, Security & Political Economy
Web Page
Manfred Elfstrom
Comparative politics, China, social movements, labor
Web Page
Diego Fossati
Social policy, development, democratic consolidation, multi-level governance, political parties, Southeast Asia, Indonesia
Triveni Gandhi
South Asian Politics, Gender and Development, Systems of Inequality
Web Page
Simon Gilhooley
Political Theory, American Politics, with a focus on American Political Theory in the Early Republic
Web Page
Mariana Giusti-Rodriguez
Ethnic politics, voter behavior, representation, party systems
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Ishan Joshi
Comparative Politics (China and India); Bureaucratic Politics and Organization; Applied Formal Modeling (games of communication); International Relations (nationalism and foreign policy)
Pinar Kemerli
Political Theory, Religion and Politics, Comparative Political Theory, Secularism, Politics and History of Turkey and the Middle East, Political Violence
Web Page
Don Leonard
International and comparative political economy of developing countries (international financial crises, natural resources), public choice (distributional politics of public goods provision), Latin America
Web Page
Natalie Letsa
African politics, authoritarianism, public opinion, political participation
Web Page
Takaaki Masaki
Political economy, political methodology, African politics, political origins of economic policy
Web Page
Aleksandar Matovski
Authoritarian Politics and Democratization, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior, Contentious Politics and Internal Conflict, the Politics of Russia, Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
Web Page
Sarah Maxey
Security studies, foreign policy, domestic politics, public opinion, humanitarian intervention norms, justifications for war
American politics, Race and Politics, American Political Development, Immigration, Public Opinion, and Political Participation
Web Page
Catherine Reyes-Housholder
Latin American politics, female presidents, group identities, public policy, mixed methods
Web Page
Rumela Sen
Comparative Politics, Political Violence, Social Movements, Political Economy of Development, South Asia
Web Page
Frederick Harris Setzer
Middle East and North Africa, comparative politics, judicial politics, democratization and transitions, comparative law
Web Page
Elton Skendaj
Comparative State-building, Comparative Democratization, International Organizations; Peace Studies; Nationalism
Web Page
Jing Tao
International Law and Organization, Sovereignty and Territorial Disputes, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Great Powers and the International Order, China’s Foreign Policy, Chinese Politics, Asian Security and Politics
Gregory Thaler
Political ecology, political economy, tropical land use change, agrarian politics, environmental governance
Web Page
Nicole Weygandt
Energy politics, resource nationalism, foreign direct investment, international and comparative political economy
Web Page
Martha Wilfarht
Political Economy of Development, African Politics, Politics of Social Service Delivery, Informal Institutions, Fiscal Politics
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Primary Contacts

  • Graduate Field Assistant and Job Placement Coordinator Tina Slater
    212 White Hall
    Ithaca, NY 14853-7901
    tel: (607) 255-3567
    fax: (607) 255-4530

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