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Graduate Students

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Cardona, Aileen Cardona
American Politics, Latino/a Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, Political Participation
Cortez, David Cortez
Political behavior, Latin@ politics, race and ethnicity, social inequality, identity, military service, immigration and public opinion.
Meyer-Gutbrod, Joshua
American politics, Public Policy Implementation, Federalism, Policy Feedback, Public Opinion
O’Toole, Thomas
Civic engagement/political participation, religion and politics, The First Amendment, public administration
Pollard, Chad Pollard
Public institutions, Public law, Bureaucracy, and American political development
Radostitz, Casey Radostitz
American politics, Race and Politics, American Political Development, Immigration, Public Opinion, and Political Participation
Salinas, Erica Salinas
American politics, Latino/a politics, race and ethnicity, immigration and public opinion
Shanks, Delphia Shanks
American Politics, Public Policy, Inequality, Bureaucracy, Public Administration, Policy Feedback
SoRelle, Mallory SoRelle
American Politics, Political Participation, Campaigns and Elections, Public Policy
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Wong, Diane Wong
American politics, Asian American politics, race and ethnicity, urban politics, women of color feminism, and youth activism
Blings, Steffen Blings
Comparative politics, mass politics in democracies, methods, European integration
Braun, Robert Braun
Political violence, Social Movements, Immigration, Western-Europe
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Brill, Rob
Social policy, bureaucratic development, state capacity, statistical methods, American politics, comparative politics
Cairns, Christopher Braun
Chinese Politics (state-owned enterprises, energy politics, environmental politics), information technology and politics, political communication, human rights, mixed methods
De Micheli, David De Micheli
Comparative politics, Latin America, ethnic and identity politics, social movements, collective action, and political and economic development
Dettman, Sebastian Dettman
Comparative politics, political parties, elections, and subnational comparative research, with a focus on Southeast Asia
Duong, Hoa Hoa
Public Finance; Economic Sociology; Vietnam; Southeast Asia
Elfstrom, Manfred Elfstrom
Comparative politics, China, social movements, labor
Esen, Berk Esen
Latin American politics, national-developmentalist ideologies, social movements and democratization, qualitative methods & comparative-historical analysis
Florence, Joseph Florence
Comparative politics with a focus on the Middle East, political order and disorder, international trade and government finance, natural resource politics, authoritarian regimes, state-society linkages, research methodology, and political theory.
Foley, Kevin Foley
Comparative politics and political economy with a focus on China and Southeast Asia; International relations and international political economy
Fossati, Diego Fossati
Political economy of development, social policy in developing countries. Political science methodology. Southeast Asian politics
Fu, Lin Fu
Political economy, economic development, inequality, East and Southeast Asia
Gallagher, Janice Gallagher
Latin America, Transnational Social Movements & International Law
Gandhi, Triveni Gandhi
South Asia, gender and caste politics, affirmative action, and decentralized governance
Giusti-Rodriguez, Mariana Giusti-Rodriguez
Comparative politics, Latin America, social movements, democratization, development, and the informal sector
Hern, Erin Hern
Comparative politics, sub-Saharan Africa, gender, foreign aid, state and institutional development, and international development policy
Honig, Lauren Honig
Comparative politics with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, land and agricultural politics, state-building, the political economy of development
Letsa, Natalie Letsa
African politics, authoritarianism, democratization, public opinion, voting behavior, legitimization
Logvinenko, Igor Logvinenko
International Relations (IPE, politics of money, security), Comparative Politics (political economy of development, democratization, authoritarianism)
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Marcesse, Thibaud Thibaud
Ethnicity, political parties, South Asian politics, politics of foreign aid (with a focus on governance and transitions)
Masaki, Takaaki Masaki
African politics, democratization, political institutions, political economy of patronage system, political methodology and macroeconomic policy in Africa
Matovski, Aleksander Matovski
Comparative Politics (comparative authoritarianism, dynamics of protest and repression, ethnic politics and civil wars), International Relations (international security, external support of democratization processes), and Political Methodology; Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.
Muppirisetty, Sreedevi Muppirisetty
South Asia; Social movements; Political Parties; Political theory
Patana, Pauliina Patana
Political parties, nationalism and far-right politics, voter behavior, political economy, redistribution and social welfare, the EU
Plantan, Elizabeth Plantan
Comparative politics, environmental and energy politics, collective action and social movements, with a focus on Russia and China
Reyes-Housholder, Catherine Reyes-Housholder
Latin American politics, female presidents, group identities, public policy, mixed methods
Sanchez-Talanquer, Mariano Mariano
State-building and political order, Latin American politics, party systems, and the politics of inequality
Sen, Rumela Sen
Comparative Politics
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Setzer, Harris Setzer
Islam and politics, absolute monarchy, Middle East politics, political theory
Taylor, Whitney Taylor
Conflict, courts, international law and organizations, social movements, human rights
Thaler, Gregory Thaler
Political ecology, political economy of development, collective action and social movements, agrarian politics
Toor, Gaurav Toor
Civil Wars, State-Building, Post-War Reconstruction, Ethnic Politics, Sub-Saharan Africa, Econometrics, Mixed Methods
Tran, Van Tran
Comparative politics, with a focus on Southeast Asia
Valdez-Tappata, Maria Jimena Valdez-Tappata
Comparative political economy, labor, social movements, political institutions, democracy and inequality, Latin American politics
Velasquez, Simon Velasquez
Latin American politics, Social Movements, Racial & Ethnic politics, and Indigenous Politicization.
Wilfahrt, Martha Wilfahrt
Political Economy of Development, African Politics, Politics of Social Service Delivery, Informal Institutions, Fiscal Politics
International Relations
Acorn, Elizabeth Acorn
International relations and comparative and international private law
Allen, Michael Michael
International Relations and Comparative Politics, emphasis on East Asia. International Organizations and Norms, State Identity, Bureaucracy, Chinese Politics
Barnes, Mariel Barnes
Browne, Katrina Browne
Territorial Conflict and Territoriality, Foreign Policy of Authoritarian Regimes, and International Bargaining
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Cheney, Amanda Cheney
Cohen, Danielle Cohen
International Relations and Comparative Politics with a focus on East Asia
Comstock, Audrey Comstock
International Relations (International law, international organization, compliance) Comparative (human rights)
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Das, Debak Das
Security and Strategic Studies, Nuclear and Strategic Decisionmaking in South Asia, Ballistic Missile Defence, Nuclear Weapons and Missile Proliferation, Science and Technology in National Security Planning, Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
Hill, Matthew Hill
International political economy, and strategic studies.
Kardon, Isaac Isaac
Asian security, Chinese politics
Leutert, Wendy Leutert
International relations, comparative politics, Chinese foreign policy
Mastroe, Caitlin Mastroe
Security studies, terrorism studies, human rights, and foreign aid
Maxey, Sarah Maxey
Peace operations, ethnic conflict, causes of war, perceptions of security
Mos, Martijn Mos
European integration, institutionalism, human rights norms, LGBT issues and identity politics
Oaks, Jason Oaks
International Relations, Comparative Politics, Chinese and East Asian Security, Nationalism
Page, Dustin Page
International Relations and Political Economy; with an emphasis in classical political economy and the history of economic ideas; the genealogy of macroeconomic theory; the political discourse and economic practice of globalization and the disciplinary parameters of contemporary international political economy
Roblin, Stephen Roblin
U.S. foreign policy, international law, and human rights
Toska, Silvana Toska
International Relations and Comparative Politics, with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.
Uriarte, Abigail de Uriarte
International relations theory, state identity the development of international norms, international security, international law
Welch, Katherine
Civil Conflict, Insurgency, International Law and Institutions
Weygandt, Nicole Weygandt
International relations, international political economy, energy politics, resource nationalism
Zhang, Youyi Zhang
IR theories, nationalism, Asian security, Chinese foreign policy, political violence, comparative politics, international law
Duong, Kevin Duong
Feminist politics and gender theory; modern social theory; French political thought and intellectual history; democratic theory
Gavin, Aaron
Gorup, Michael Gorup
Democratic theory, history of political thought, revolution and constituent power, critical race theory, political violence, American political thought and development
Graf, Sinja Graf
Modern Western political theory, international law with a focus on international criminal law, history of international relations and imperialism, theories of global justice
Jagmohan, Desmond Jagmohan
Jochim, Jordan Jochim
Democratic Theory; American Political Thought; Ancient Political Thought; Aesthetics; Politics and Literature
Konya, Nazli Konya
Continental political philosophy, theories of democracy and citizenship, politics of resistance
Park, Jin Gon
Political Theory, pragmatism, democratic theory, American political thought
Pennington, William Pennington
Democratic Theory, Ancient Political Thought, Normative Political Theory, and Rational Choice Theory
Phulwani, Vijay Phulwani
Ancient political thought, pragmatism/pluralism, politics and the narrative arts, contemporary theory, international relations
Piotrkowski, Judith Piotrkowski
Modern and contemporary political theory, early American political thought, politics of emotion/affect, biopolitics, feminist theory, totalitarianism, political violence, identity politics, politics of literature
Quish, Edward Quish
The history of political thought; democratic theory; American political thought and development; histories of imperialism; politics of food, agriculture, and labor
Sanadhya, Varun Sanadhya
Modern political thought, Democratic theory, Politics and Literature, with a particular reference to India’s political and intellectual history
Swanson, Jacob Swanson
Modern and contemporary political thought; continental philosophy; aesthetics; history of political economy; democratic theory
Vasko, Timothy
The international - borders, boundaries, and limits; indigenous struggles and sovereignty; settler colonialism and genocide; (inter)disciplinary politics; history of anthropology; anticolonial, postcolonial, and decolonial thought; continental philosophy

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